About Mighty Men Services

Mighty Men Services is an outstanding team with combined 30 years of experience in the Wildlife and Rodent Industries. We are very proud to be a woman owned company!

We specialize in humane wildlife trapping, being customers first choice to help rid unwanted nuisance animals such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums from their properties.

The Rodent Division excels in prevention, utilizing non-poisonous methods, sanitation, crawlspace and attic clean-outs, including insulation removal and installation. In addition, we also offer rodent related services.

Our team is highly trained in bird and bat sanitation, humane eviction; removal of nesting on eaves and around solar panels, and deterrent solutions on residential and commercial properties.

We all are all experiencing this global pandemic together, and Mighty Men Services goes above and beyond, always utilizing the highest sanitation standards. It is our priority to follow CDC guidelines, wearing required PPE clothing when on your property insuring our customers and our employee’s health and safety.

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